Baby Yoga

What: Baby Yoga for Babies from 12 weeks to 18 months 

Where: Belarmine Community Centre

Cost: €120.00. Free class pass given if you have done Baby Massage with Hush Baby Massage

What do I need to bring?: Just you and your baby and the usual contents of your changing bag, everything for the class is supplied. Partners are welcome. 

Price Includes: 4 lessons

Benefits of Baby yoga: Baby Yoga encourages learning about you, your baby and their needs.  Some of the many benefits of baby yoga include:

Improves baby's sleeping patterns , Colic relief , Wind and constipation relief, Aids Digestion,  Nurtures bonding between parent and baby, Instils confidence in parents handling of baby, Relaxes both parent and baby, Helps with Post Natal Depression , Stimulates circulation, Increases muscle tone, balance and coordination. Helps skills needed for balance, rolling, crawling and walking Classes are given by a Certified Baby yoga Instructor.