Where are classes held?

Classes are held Stepaside and Mount Merrion. I can also come to your house for a private session with your partner. If you have friends or relatives with babies I have often gone to houses to teach a small group.

Do I need to bring anything?

Baby mats, oils and handouts for you to keep, are all provided. All you need is the usual contents of your changing bag. The room we use is upstairs in but crucially there is a lift. It is a good idea to bring in your buggy to keep lifting to a minimum. There is plenty of room for buggy's to be stored during the class. Partners are always welcome.

What can I expect in a class?

The classes are broken down into one and a half hour sessions over a five week period. Each week we cover a different part of your baby's body, whilst having discussions on relevant topics. As the course progresses we revise what is learned to date before adding a new stroke. I demonstrate on a massage doll – Dan, while you massage your own baby. There are no more than eight babies there and it's a great way to meet other parents and share ideas and stories. Dads are very welcome. After each class there is time built into the one and a half hour session for light refreshments, which are supplied and a chat. Extra dolls are provided if your baby is asleep and you do not wish to wake them.

What should I wear to a baby massage?

Wear something comfortable as we will be sitting on cushions on the floor. 

What should my baby wear?

Something easy to take on and off.  It is a good idea to bring a change of clothes for your baby. 

Can claim back some of the cost of Baby Massage classes on my health insurance?

Yes. Check with your health insurance provider to see if you qualify.

I will miss one of the sessions, what will I do?

Don’t worry, we review all strokes in each class. All strokes will also be in the hand outs provided. If you like I can run over the strokes you missed with you before or after the next class by appointment. You will also be given the oppertunity to make up the missed class the following month.

What if my baby cries during the class?

Or My baby may need to feed /sleep during the class, what will I do?

At all times you are free to tend to your babies needs whatever they are. We are very easy going.  We run a baby lead class and are well used to babies doing baby things! At all times you are free to look after your baby however you see fit. Feed, changing, burping, whatever needs to be done. If your baby is asleep you will be offered a massage doll to practice on.

I have twins, can I do baby massage on two babies?

Twins are welcome to the classes. It is best if you can bring someone with you such as your partner, parent or friend to massage one of the babies. As a Baby Massage Instructor I am not allowed massage other people’s babies. If you do not have someone free to help give me a call and we can discuss options.

Can I heat a bottle at the class?

Yes there is a facility to heat bottles in the community centre. There are also baby changing facilities.

I’m feeling very low and not sure if I want to go to a class or stay for a chat.

We all go through ups and downs after having a baby. Although it can be difficult to get motivated to get up and out you will find your feet before you know it. Everybody will be in a similar position and the support from being around like minded people is a very reassuring experience.

What about dad’s / partners?

Partners really benefit from learning infant massage; helping them to connect and interact with their child on a deeper level than day-to-day contact may allow. Fathers, mothers and partners are always equally welcome in classes and special partners classes are held, if requested. House calls are another great way for partners to get involved.

Is there Parking?

Yes. There is ample parking and great access with lifts in both venues.

Can I bring an older child?

Unfortunately, baby massage class’s are not suitable for older children to attend. But partners, relatives a and friends are welcome as a plus 1.