I got the class as a present for myself and Ashton. I was very excited about starting and it was everything I hoped for and more. A kind friendly instructor who explained each move clearly and carefully. Ashton enjoyed every bit of it and we will continue using the moves in a relaxing activity we can do together.

Emily and Ashton


Loved every bit of it, thanks you so much.

Mandy and Ellen


Loved every minute of the class and coffee. The class was nice to speak to other mums. I also love the time at home with baby doing massage.

Lyndsey and Daniel


I found the class great for meeting people and getting out. It's also really nice to have something to do together.

Kathyann and Ella


Great help with getting to know baby and be more comfortable with her. Great for getting to know people. Thank you so much!

Ashlinn and Annabel


I have been meaning to thank you for the great classes. Both Sophie and I really enjoyed them, and she really chills out after a massage! I'm sure we'll be using your techniques for quite some time! Thanks again,

Isabelle & Sophie


Charlotte and I loved the massage class. It was great for relaxing her. It was also great to meet other mums.

Helen and Charlotte


Really enjoyed Mary's Classes. It was great for getting more comfortable with your little baby's body week by week.

Lorrain and Hannah

I am very happy I decided to do this class. I enjoyed it a lot and met nice people too. Thanks so much.

Monika and Samuel